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What is the Fohn Effect (Wind)

Denver KunakaDenver Kunaka Last edited:August 23, 2020

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The Fohn is a hot blowing wind which blows on the leeward side of mountains. When warm moist air originating over sea rises it cools and expands adiabatically causing heavy rainfalls on the windward side of a mountain.

On the leeward side the air descends,warming and compressing in the process. This causes the leeward side to become dry with warm,hot winds.

Fohn winds occurs on the leeward side of mountainous areas situated close to the sea such as the Andes near Pacific Ocean and the Alps near the Meditteramean Sea.

The fohn is capable of melting snow capped mountains causing a type of mass movement known as an Avalanche.The fohn is also capable of “brushfires”which are nature initiated fires.

The Fohn

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