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Pressure Systems (Cyclones and Anti-cyclones)

Denver KunakaDenver Kunaka Last edited:August 23, 2020

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Cyclones are areas of low pressure usually associated with cumulonimbus coluds and heavy thunderstorms with frequent lightnings. Lows are also associated with tropical storms. Two air masses converge and rise creating an area of LP.

Low pressure

Anti-cyclones (high)

These are areas of high pressure where upper air masses meet and descend. Calm and clear weather is associated with a high.

The atmosphere is stable on a high pressure region

High pressure systems is also responsible for the formation of some major arid regions eg Sahara desert and Kalahari. Here air from the equator rises and produce heavy down pours while the air continues and descends at 30o north and south creating areas of high pressure characterised by aridity.

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