Changes of State

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Water exists in 3 forms:liquid,gas and solid.The energy required to change state without altering temperature is called latent heat.Latent heat can be absorbed or stored.


Change from liquid to gas;latent heat is absorbed. It takes 600 calories to change 1gram of water into water.


Change from gas to liquid.
Latent heat is released.
It takes 600 calories of energy to change 1gram of air into liquid.


Change from solid to gas
Latent heat is absorbed.
60 calories of energy are needed to change 1gram of ice into liquid.


Liquid to Ice.Latent heat is released
60 calories are needed to change 1gram of water into ice.


Direct change of solid to gas.
Latent heat is absorbed.
680 calories are needed to change 1gram of ice into air(water vapour).


Direct change from gas to ice.
Latent heat is released.

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