What is the Inter-Tropical convergence zone (ITCZ)

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The ITCZ is a belt of low pressure that shifts following areas of highest insolation .NH and SH trade winds meet along this belt.

When the sun is overhead at the Tropic of Capricorn ie summer in the S hemisphere,the ITCZ follows and the trade winds converge creating clouds with heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms.

Most of Zimbabwe’s rain comes from the ITCZ. While there’s a low pressure South of the Equator,a high pressure is experienced in the North with clear skies.

When the sun is overhead at the Tropic of Cancer the ITCZ again follows and the trade winds converge.

South of the equator high pressure conditions prevail with clear skies. The ITCZ is mostly concentrated around areas near the equator.

ITCZ in Africa
Movement of the ITCZ along Africa img from

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