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River Cliff
A scarp found on the outer bends of a river meander where erosion is most active. See Middle course landforms

Land and Sea Breezes

Different specific heat capacities between land and sea generates gentle winds blowing from the sea to land or land to sea.The sea absorbs heat more slowly and tends to retain(keep) it,conversely the land gets quickly heated and don't retain its energy.This unequal heating between land and sea causes air during the day to move from the cool HP(slow heating) sea to the land where theres's LP.At might the reverse happens,the sea would've kept its energy during the day therefore warm whilst the land would've lost much of its energy causing air to move from the cool(HP) land to the warm (LP) sea.Land and sea breezes are most common on coastal areas.

Day and Night land-sea breezes

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