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Atmospheric Instability
A condition in the atmosphere where air parcels are heated and therefore are warmer than the surrounding atmosphere resulting in unstable weather conditions such as heavy rains and hailstorms. See Atmospheric Stability & Instability


Humidity is the water vapour content in the atmosphere.3 forms of humidity are:

Absolute Humidity

The ammount of water vapour in the air eg 6grams in a cubic metre of air.

Specific Humidity(Mixing Ratio)

The mass of water vapour contained in a unit mass of dry air.Formula:mass of water vapour in grams/mass of dry air in kg,expressed as g/kg.

Relative humidity

The ammount of water vapour present in the air to its potential water vapour capacity at a given temperaturesaturated air=100% relative humidity.Warm air is able to hold more water vapour than cold air thus:Temperature RISE=more water vapour needed=FALL in relative humidity
Temperature FALL=less water vapour needed=RISE in relative humidity

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