Impacts of Migration to the Source & Receiving Area

By Denver Kunaka Last edited:November 11, 2020

Table of Contents

Migration has positive and negative impacts to both source and receiving area.

Positive Impacts

Source Receiving
Resources are relieved Skill and Knowledge
Poverty and crime is lessened Source of labour
Reduces Unemployment Migrants willing to work for low wages or in unpleasant environment (cheap labour)
Money received from migrants to home country (remittances) New cultures
Death rates fall Increases GDP
Decision making is easier

Negative Impacts

Source Receiving
Deprived Skill and Knowledge ( brain drain) Strain on resources and food
GDP falls as most labour is transferred to receiving region Growth of shanties & improper houses
Educated people leave Crime increases
Elderly people left behind Racial tensions e.g Xenophobia, genocide
Services deteriorate Services are overcrowded
Push local people out of jobs
Birth rates decrease High birth rates
Diseases and poverty
Money wasted to help the poor & less privileged.
Decision making is difficult