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Bedding plane
Horizontal joints on rocks such as limestone that run parallel to the surface. See Limestone properties

Plutonic Forces

The solidification of magma underground produces distinct landforms known as plutons.Erosion and uplift can expose some of these plutons on the surface.


Batholiths are the largest granitic intrusive features formed at depth and can be exopsed to the surface to form major mountain belts.


Lapolith are saucer shaped plutons and as large batholith.They are made of hard rocks such as gabbro.


Are dome shaped intrusive features made from viscous lava that quickly solidifies at depth.


Bysmalith are lapoliths that are faulted across.


Sills are thin concordant plutons that run parallel to sedimentary beds.They generally form near the surface where magma fail to break through thus spread along resistant sedimentary rocks.


Dikes are thin discordant plutons that cut across exsisting rocks.The Great Dyke in cental Zimbabwe stretches to about 500km and about 10km wide.
Plutonic Features
Plutonic Features
The plug or stock is a soldified magma chamber

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