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Urbanisation: Solutions & Mitigation

Some countries and their cities have managed to handle and manage some of the problems of urbanisation than others. Some measures have seen great success while some have ended up in void. The solutions to urbanisation is reducing it/ preventing it or on the other hand manage/ handle it

Measures of Managing Urbanisation

Most MEDCs have managed to handle urbanisation than LEDCs. For example, advanced road networks, subways and aerial railway systems have managed to reduce congestion. Such implementations can be seen in Tokyo, London, Seoul and New York.

MEDCs such as Tokyo have managed to avoid the growth of slums by building high rise apartments where most people are accommodated. Despite the small size of these apartments, slum sprawl has been reduced.
This can be contrasted with high slum growth in cities such as New Delhi, Calcutta, Rio, Nairobi and others. Limited houses and unemployment has increased these slums

Solutions of handling urbanisation often involves improving the infrastructure such as roads, railways, houses e.t.c


  • Building high rise apartments fro accommodation e.g Tokyo
  • Building subway and sub-aerial railway systems e.g Tokyo, New York
  • Establishing complex road networks
  • Solar electrification e.g Ota, Japan

Preventing/ Reducing Urbanisation

Growth Points

Rural-urban migration which is the number one cause of rapid urbanisation can be mitigated by the establishments of growth points. Growth points are centers of business activities and services in rural areas. These activities provide employment to local rural people preventing them from encroaching the surbubs looking for jobs. Furthermore, services such as health centers, schools and banks will be widely available preventing rural-urban migration in search of these services. Successful implementation of growth points significantly reduce urbanisation.


Decentralising services and jobs from the CBD to other less populated areas can alleviate urbanisation and some its problems.

Preventive Solutions

  • Building rural growth points
  • Decentralisation of services and jobs to other areas
  • Implementing barriers to entry such as visas
  • Implementing policies e.g China's Hukou system

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