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Site & Situation: Factors Affecting Location of a Settlement

A site is the location were a settlement resides on, e.g along a hill, mountain, river side, industries e.t.c. A situation refers to the site's features which functions the settlement.

The site and situation have to be considered before a settlement is established. Settlements are rarely built on a random location. Analysis of the location has to be considered before people can settle in

Factors Affecting the Location of a Settlement

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    Natural resources

  • Rain Availability; (few settlements in desert & polar regions)
  • Availability of Fertile Soils
  • Availability of Water Sources e.g along rivers, lakes, oasis, dams e.t.c
  • Vegetation supply for firewood, building materials, livestock feed e.t.c
  • Availability of Mineral Resources, e.g coal in Hwange, tin in Kamativi
  • Economic Factors

  • Market Availability; e.g CBD, growth point
  • Availability of jobs
  • Along transport routes making commuting from & to work easy.
  • Political Factors

  • Defense sites; e.g hills, mountains
  • Government Land reforms, restrictions e.t.c
  • Social Factors

  • Close to friends & family
  • Close to religious shrines
  • Dangers & Hazards

    Despite being risky, most people especially in LEDCS like to settle near hazard prone areas. Reasons can include limited space, thus people have no choice but to settle near these areas e.g Armero town in Colombia situated along the Ruiz volcano experienced a deadly lahar in 1985 killing about 25000 people. The availability of natural resources, e.g volcanic minerals & soils, deltaic soils (e.g The Ganges Delta in Bangladesh) can make people settle in these areas.

  • Away from volcanic, earthquake zones.
  • Away from mass movement such as slides, rockfalls, avalanches etc
  • Away from areas that are prone to nuclear explosions; e.g The 1985, Chernobyl (Russia) Nuclear Explosion.

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