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Challenge yourself with these free Geography questions

Here's how it works, there are 15 questions each carrying 1 mark. There are multi-choice answers to choose from and allowed to select one or more.
Rating is based on your total not the time.
< 7 = Bad,
8 -11 = Fair,
12 -15 = Good,
16 -18 = Excellent

At the moment, the questions are based on Climatology, Geomorphology, Hydrology, Deserts, Population & Environmental management.

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This type of weathering involves the reaction of compound minerals with water and breaks the rock into fine debris

A red-brownish soil formed from the leaching of soluble minerals leaving behind iron rich minerals.

An explosive volcano that release tonnes of ash, gases and pyroclastic material.


Which sediment has high cohesion

Infiltration is more pronounced on.

This landform forms when a river's velocity reduces and deposits some of the load across the channel


According to the Bergeron Findeisen Theory, high vapour pressure is concentrated on

A front where a cold air mass undercuts and lifts an incoming warm air mass

Which of the following surface has a high albedo value

Hot Deserts

The bouncing of small stones along a desert pavement.

A desert landform characterised by troughs and ridges formed when sandy wind abrades vertical bands of soft strata.

A fan shaped deposit of sediments at the exit of a wadi.


According to Malthus, which of the following is a positive check of population

The stage two of the Demographic Transition Model is characterised by a

Natural change is as a result of

Environmental Management

Which of the following is mainly a Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)

Deforestation results in

Which of the following is degradation

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