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Brain Drain
The transfer of skill and knowledge to destination area depriving source region from it. See Migration

Writing Killer Essays

Student Writing Essays are some of the most written work in different levels of school. Whether you're A or O Level, or you're in University or College you're going to write essays one way or other.

Most essays contain three basic fundamentals or aspects; introduction, body and conclusion. You can never write all but most essays without employing these three aspects. Make sure that you have all the data, points, examples or criticism on the essay question that you chose. Some may consider writing the points on a rough piece of paper. Although its time consuming sometimes it’s worth to give it a shot (given that you’re not behind time).
The first aspect of an essay is the introduction. This is where you give a short glimpse of your whole essay, for example take a look at this Urban Climate introduction

Due to the high level of pollution, lack of trees and urbanization, urban areas often exhibit distinct weather conditions from their surrounding areas such as high temperatures (urban heat island), heavy rains and unusual winds. The most noticeable phenomenon in urban areas is the Urban Heat Island.
Another introduction on flooding
In the context of river systems, flooding can be defined as the overflowing or inundation of a river. This is caused by varying factors such as abnormal rainfalls, physical factors such as nature of surface or by human activities such as deforestation or building of concrete surfaces. But a flood can also occur as sea or ocean encroaches the land caused by factors such as tsunamis and melting ice caps which increase the volume of the ocean. Another cause of flood can occur when dams burst causing water to overflow. This can also be caused by abnormal rainfalls or tectonic activities such as earthquake which creates cracks for dams to burst.
The two intros just shows a glimpse of the whole essay. In other words it highlights what you're going to write about.

The second aspect is the main body of the essay. Here you will be developing and putting flesh to your essay and some of the points listed in the intro. Craft and exhaust each point you have written or come up with. Don't leave a point hanging or thirsty. Even if its a 7 marks essay craft and exhaust all your points. In addition, include examples to liven up your essay. Examples can justify, emphasis, backup or rescue a point. They add a punch to an essay and without them an essay will usually be fleshless, naked and sometimes boring. Examples can be in the form of "such as" or like or can be in the form of case studies. Example
Rainfall is the primary factor causing most floods. Rainfall abnormalities are usually caused by long term climate changes or short climate changes such as La Nina events. These events increase the discharge and volume of a river causing the river to overflow. In addition, some rainfall abnormalities are caused by tropical cyclones. Zimbabwe experienced high abnormal rainfalls in the 2016-2017 rain seasons which were caused by the Dineo cyclone.
Moreover, where a diagram is needed, include it to strengthen your explanation. This is particular very useful in Physical Geography where some concepts are difficult to explain or elaborate with just words. Those topics may require diagrams to back them up. You can include discourse markers to start new paragraphs such as "In addition","However","In contrast","Moreover" and others

Lastly comes the conclusion. Here you can include your thoughts or support side if it’s a judgmental or analysis essay. E.g.
Although measures, techniques and conferences have been put in place greenhouse gases and global warming increase is still of major concern. Barriers such as advancement in technology, lack of funds, illiteracy and others will remain restricting global warming reduction.
Some essays e.g. Describe or Explain usually doesn't require judgmental conclusions. This and others can guide or assist you in writing effective essays.

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