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How to Understand Physical Geography in 3 easy steps

By Denver Kunaka

Physical Geography is one of the most enthusiastic topic in Geography. Its just mind blowing to see how some landforms develop .You may wonder if nature is at play or are they humans constructing the landforms.

Incised Meander
Incised Meander(You may wonder if someone deleberately shaped this landform)

Observations and Hands on Approach

Physical geography is all about observations and hands on approach. Seeing something occurring or have already occurred gives you a true picture of what is going on. Observations can be carried out as field works or by just simply observing the world around you as you travel or walk. Whenever you walk you will very likely encounter a certain landform or something occurring.

Diagrams, Images and Videos

Just like observations, images and videos also gives you a true picture of what is going on .Diagrams and videos are more than a hundred words. You will quickly understand with diagrams or image than someone reading without a single picture or diagram. That person will likely to cram than understanding. So images and diagrams make sure that you truly understand and concepts stick into your head forever.

Case Studies

Another effective way in understanding Physical Geography is through reading case studies or articles. Case Studies, articles etc gives you the idea of where some of the natural phenomenons are occurring.
These tips can also work for Human Geography

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