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Brain Drain
The transfer of skill and knowledge to destination area depriving source region from it. See Migration

Human Impacts on Weathering

Source Wikimedia commons
Humans also play a crucial role in determining weathering type and or rate of weathering.

Industrial Activities

Gases from factories and vehicles release considerable amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which result in acid rain production.This acid rain has an effect on rocks such as limestone which lead to their decomposition.


Cutting down trees for commercial and non-commercial means more carbon dioxide remains unabsorbed which in turn results in more acidic rainfalls. Deforestation also exposes the rock to more agents of weathering such as high insolation which could lead to exfoliation.
Conversely, afforestation shelters the rock from agents of weathering and can also provide more humic acids for weathering.


The blasting effect to reveal mineral seems expose rocks to agents of weathering e.g pressure release. In some mineshafts rock bursts can occur dude to pressure release.

Veld Fires

Veld fires subject rocks to intense heat which can lead to thermal expansion or exfoliation.

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