Oil spills in Niger Delta
Oil sills in The Niger Delta; Image src, The Borgen Project

The Niger Delta in Nigeria, Africa is one polluted place on earth due to extreme oil spills that occur around the delta. Several multinational companies such as Shell, Mobil, and Chevron are responsible for the pollution around the area.

Over a million tons of oil has been spilt around the delta and has affected more than 20 million people in different states such as  Ondo, Edo and Imo.

The area is marshy which increase the rate of water and land contamination. Improper burning of oil is also contributing to air pollution and global warming.

Lack of knowledge and awareness is also playing a role in terms of pollution in the area.


  • Land and Water pollution due to oil spills around the area. This has made plant growth impossible due to chemicals in the soil.
  • Depletion of aquatic lifeforms such as fish
  • Air pollution which is increasing global warming
  • Water shortage and the available water is contaminated and unsafe for consumption.
  • High prevalence of water borne diseases. 121 800 people die from water borne related diseases of which 2/3 are under 5
  • Toxic waste such as benzene and mercury is causing cancer, lung diseases, birth defects and other related diseases.
  • Chemical waste is facilitating growth of breeding grounds for vectors such as mosquitos.
  • Most people living around the area do not earn much income as most profits are returned to mother country of these TNCCs.

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