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Finishing Or Unfinishing An Exam, what does it really means

Exams can be trainwrecking, for some, they can be emotional, depressing or stressful while for others they can be exciting and thrilling no matter which feeling is elicited. One thing that is usually debated among students is finishing or unfinishing an exam. If you've been struggling to know the actual answer sit tight and read this whole article.

Some students have a feeling that completing an exam on time guarantees a pass. Well it depends on the subject matter in particular. Finishing an exam on time doesn't always guarantees an A in, fact you will be surprised coming with an O or U when you have finished an exam on time. Many of us fail to finish an exam on time and this cause us to strongly wonder whether we've done good or bad.
These issues depend and are justified by one thing, CONTENT. Sometimes students complete an exam on time because they're fast when writing. Generally a speed writer usually finishes on time. But the question is how good is their content. Some students write fast with good quality content and manage to finish on time. On the other hand someone finishes early because he/she doesn't have any content to write. Some finish very early in as little as one hour writing good or bad content and decide to stay in the exam room to pass time so that they won't be viewed as "data less".
This brings us to the unfinishing part. Typically students who fail to finish on time would have written quality content exhausting every tiny bit of content. These students are seldom confident whether they have passed or not but are surprised coming out with flying colours. Why, because they have written top quality content that yields a better grade even if they did not finish. That exhausted one question worth 25 marks is more than two questions written hurringly and poorly. Some see others leaving the exam room, panic overshadows them and hurringly writes in the bid of finishing, take your time?
But then again you may think that unfinishing an exam always guarantees you better grades. The answer is no , you may pass time in the examination room writing all sorts of garbage that yields poor results.


Whether you finish or don't finish on time depends on the quality of content. You can finish early or on time having good or bad content or you can fail to finish on time again having good or bad content. Whatever the outcome, it all depends on the content you've written.
Denver Kunaka

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